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EhauerEhauer is dedicated to providing it’s continuing growing customer base with products that inspire and improve their lifestyle. Our products are designed to be both practical with easy functionality whilst at the same time looking great.

Our team continually add products that enhance your lifestyle and enhance our brand to give you a growing range of products that are truly a delight to own.

New Product Launch

Credit Card HolderOur new credit card holder makes the deal gift for any man or woman … or just indulge yourself!

Finished in a gloss black and presented in a custom made gift box our newest addition provides all of the protection you need for your most important cards.

The ultra-slim elegant card holder delivers high quality in a fashionable design making ideal for carrying your most important cards such as your driving license, credit or debit cards, and others.

Being small and strong means it has a wide range of uses:

  • Men who needed a credit card holder that easily fitted into their front pocket.
  • Men who needed a credit card holder that would fit into their shirt or suit jacket pocket.
  • Women who want to keep all of their most important cards together in their bag or purse.
  • For women who didn’t want to carry around a bag or purse and needed a small slim card holder that would easily and safely fit in their pocket.
  • To enable people who are lightly dressed in say shorts and t-shirt but still need to carry their most important cards with them.
  • As a safe way of carrying your most important cards with you when traveling.
  • As a cool way of keeping your most important cards and your business cards together when on those important business trips.
  • As a cool way of presenting your business cards at business meetings.
  • To protect your most important cards from damage.
  • A way to keep your most important cards together and safe in your pocket whilst traveling or on holiday.
  • As an ideal gift for birthdays or other celebrations.
  • As an expensive looking gift at value for money prices.
  • For women who need a cool looking card holder that doesn’t look out of place with a cocktail dress.
  • For young men who always want to look cool with their new credit card holder.
  • For teens who need a cool but strong card holder their friends will envy.
  • For our customers who want some protection from RFID scanning theft and who to keep their cards on them rather than in bags.
  • It had to be modern but look and feel right no matter what the occasion.
  • It needed to be suitable for people who work in office type environments and carry cards on them at all times.
  • For women who wanted to keep their cards safe in their pocket.

The new Ehauer credit card holder … designed for modern daily use.